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European Labour Law Network

First Project Meeting

The first meeting of the ELLN project on the Restatement of Labour Law in Europe took place on 12-14 February 2015 at the Representation of the State of Hessen to the European Union in Brussels, Belgium. The topic of this project launch meeting was the Restatement on the “Concept of Employee.” The meeting was organised by the project team of the Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and offered the opportunity to communicate and exchange information about the current status and the carefully developed plan and outlook of this project.

The Permanent Secretary of the State of Hessen for European Affairs in Brussels, Mr Mark Weinmeister, welcomed the participants to this meeting and expressed his interest in the activities of the ELLN, and particularly in the project on a Restatement of Labour Law in Europe. After a short presentation of the Members of the Study Group of a Restatement of Labour Law in Europe, Professor Bernd Waas held an introductory session to the meeting informing the Members of the Study Group on the current activities of the ELLN and the outlook of the Restatement project.
During the second day of the meeting, five Members of the Study Group, Professor Polonca Koncar, Dr Lorna Mifsud Cachia, Professor Francis Kessler, Professor Andreas Inghammar and Professor Bernd Waas, presented the concept of employee in their national jurisdictions. The presentations were followed by interesting and stimulating discussions focusing on the notion of employee and employer, the relationship between labour law and civil law contracts, the interaction of private law with public law, the similarities and differences among different jurisdictions. The second day ended with the presentation of the author guidelines and style guide for the country reports which will be included in the Restatement publication.

In the course of the third day, the participants had the opportunity to discuss and reach a consensus upon the text of the Mission Statement of the Study Group on a Restatement in Labour Law in Europe. Further discussions helped clarify some issues regarding the content of the country reports and the Restatement.